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About Doboj

Doboj is a city in northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska. It is one of the oldest cities in the country situated in the valley of the river Bosna and its confluences Spreča and Usora.

The first official mentioning of the settlement is from 1415, as it was written in the charter issued by Dubrovnik to Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, although there are numerous artifacts and objects that have been found which confirm the fact that the area had been inhabited ever since the early Stone Age.

Together with its inhabitants, Doboj faced many political changes throughout history. The town was ruled by the Turks, the Habsburgs and after the WWI, becoming the part of The Kingdom of Yugoslavia it developed in terms of economy and culture. Even though it all stopped during the WW II, Doboj continued with its progress during the times of the SFRY. It became an important political, cultural and economic centre in the region and very important railroad hub.

The most famous tourist attraction in Doboj is its fortress. The local people call it ‘Gradina’. It is a royal Kotromanić fortress first built in the early 13th century and then expanded in the early 15th century (1415) and today it stands as a symbol and pride of the town.

People in Doboj are known by their hospitability and kindness. Cultural and historic monuments, many cultural events, beautiful nature with numerous possibilities for active holiday, rich gastronomy and attractive manifestations are all a combination difficult to resist.

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